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Statutory References

for Indiana Counties

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The statutory references listed below refer the code user to state statutes applicable to Indiana counties. They are current through all 2013 legislation.

General Provisions

Home rule. IC 36-1-3

Transfer of jurisdiction from General Assembly to local legislative bodies . IC 36-1-3.5

Powers specifically prohibited. IC 36-1-3-8

Territorial jurisdiction. IC 36-1-3-9

General corporate powers. IC 36-1-4

Publication of notices. IC 5-3

Codification of ordinances. IC 36-1-5

Suffrage and elections. Indiana Const. Art. 2 and IC 3

Administration and Personnel

County executive. IC 36-2-2

County fiscal body. IC 36-2-3

Division of powers in county government. IC 36-2-3.5

Legislative procedures. IC 36-2-4

Mileage and fees of county officers. IC 36-2-7

Officers' bonds and oaths. IC 5-4

Salaries of officers and employees. IC 36-2-8

County auditor. IC 36-2-9

County treasurer. IC 36-2-10

County recorder. IC 36-2-11

County surveyor. IC 36-2-12

County sheriff. IC 36-2-13

County coroner. IC 36-2-14

County assessor. IC 36-2-15

Attorney. IC 36-2-2-30

Deputies and employees. IC 36-2-16

County records. IC 36-2-17

Judicial appeal of executive decisions. IC 36-2-2-27 et seq.

Courthouse, jail and other public offices. IC 36-2-2-24

Plan commissions. IC 36-7-4-200 et seq.

Building departments. IC 36-7-8

Police. IC 36-8-2-2

Firefighting. IC 36-8-2-3

Sheriff's department. IC 36-8-10

Personnel system. IC 36-1-4-14

Police reserve officers. IC 36-8-3-20

Emergency management . IC 10-14

Business Licenses and Regulations

Authority to regulate businesses. IC 36-8-2-10

Limit on license fees. IC 36-1-3-8

Exemption from vending and peddling license fees. IC. 25-25-1

Alcoholic beverages. IC 7.1

Health and Safety

General public safety powers. IC 36-8-2

Weeds and rank vegetation. IC 36-7-10.1

Weed cutting on county roadsides. IC 36-2-18

Economic development and pollution control. IC 36-7-12

Air and sound pollution. IC 36-8-2-8

Fire protection districts. IC 36-8-11

Solid waste disposal. IC 36-9-30

Fire safety laws: enforcement. IC 22-14

Fireworks. IC 22-11-14

Public Peace, Morals and Welfare

State criminal code. IC 35

Limitation on power. IC 36-1-3-8

Discrimination. IC 22-9

Vehicles and Traffic

State traffic code. IC 9

Local traffic regulations. IC 9-21-1-2 et seq.

Abandoned vehicles. IC 9-22

Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places

Transportation and public works. IC 36-9

County drainage board. IC 36-9-27

Park and recreation law. IC 36-10-3

Miscellaneous county park provisions. IC 36-10-6

Public Services

Public construction. IC 36-1-12

Transportation and public works. IC 36-9

Redevelopment of blighted areas. IC 36-7-14

Buildings and Construction

County building standards. IC 36-7-8

Unsafe buildings. IC 36-7-9

Historic preservation. IC 36-7-11

Fire safety, building and equipment laws. IC 22-12 et seq.


Subdivision regulations. IC 36-7-4-700 et seq.

Filing of surveys. IC 36-2-19


Local planning powers generally. IC 36-7-2

Local planning and zoning . IC 36-7-4-100 et seq.