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A. An exposure incident or injury report shall be completed by the close of the business day during which an exposure has or might have taken place or an injury to a client has occurred. That report shall be completed by the involved or knowledgeable body art practitioner for every exposure incident or injury occurring during any body art activity.

B. Each report shall contain:

1. A copy of the application and consent form for body art activity completed by client or minor client involved in the exposure incident;

2. A full description of the exposure incident, including the portion of the body involved;

3. Instrument(s) or other equipment implicated;

4. A copy of body art practitioner license of the involved art practitioner;

5. Date and time of exposure;

6. A copy of any medical history released to the body art establishment or body art practitioner;

7. Information regarding any recommendation to refer to a physician or waiver to consult a physician by persons involved; and

8. The correct action plan to the client. [Ord. 09-06-22 § 1.]