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A. No person may operate a body art establishment except with a valid permit from the Department.

B. Applications for a permit shall be made on forms prescribed by and available from the Department. An applicant shall submit all information required by the form and accompanying instructions. The term “application” as used herein shall include the original and renewal applications.

C. An establishment permit shall be valid from the date of issuance and for no longer than one year, and unless suspended or revoked sooner by the Department.

D. The Department shall require that the applicant provide, at a minimum, the following information in order to be issued an establishment permit:

1. Name, address, and telephone number of the body art establishment;

2. Copy of photo ID of applicant;

3. The identity of the operator of the establishment;

4. The identity of body art practitioner(s) working at the establishment;

5. The manufacturer, model number, model year, and serial number of any autoclave used in the establishment;

6. A signed and dated acknowledgment that the applicant has received, read, and understood the requirements in this chapter;

7. A “to scale” drawing of the floor plan of the proposed establishment for a plan review by the Department, as part of the permit application process;

8. An exposure report plan;

9. Proof of the operator’s training required by 410 IAC 1-5-24;

10. Such additional information as the Department may reasonably require.

E. Payment of annual body art establishment permit fee per JCC 3.45.050.

F. A permit for a body art establishment shall not be transferable from one place or person to another. [Ord. 09-06-22 § 1.]