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A. Any County Sheriff or his other authorized personnel, the marshal of every town, police officer of every city, the constable of every township, any member of the State Police, any Game Warden, or Animal Control Officer upon information or personal observation that a diseased or dangerous dog/cat, or an unlicensed, untagged dog/cat, licensed or tagged, is or has been observed to be illegally roaming at large, unattended by his owner or keeper, or is one reasonably suspected of being a dangerous dog/cat to be at large, shall if in fresh pursuit of such dog/cat, follow and enter upon the owner or keeper’s premises, if necessary, and impound such an animal in an established city, town, or County dog/cat shelter. Such a dog/cat when so captured and impounded will be kept confined, well fed, watered and cared for pending reclamation by its rightful owner/keeper. If not reclaimed within seven days if unlicensed or 14 days if licensed, the dog/cat may be sold or humanely euthanized as the impounding officer may elect.

B. In the pursuit, capture and apprehension of any such dog/cat as contemplated herein, the officer in fresh pursuit will not be taken to have committed a trespass on any premises where he is required to go in pursuit of such dog/cat, but he may not use more than reasonable force in the discharge of the duty imposed upon him by this chapter. Any person or persons interfering with or obstructing such officer in the discharge of his duties may himself be subject to arrest and, as provided for by law, for resisting arrest or interference with a peace officer, nor will such officer be liable in damages to anyone except for gross willful and wanton misconduct in the attempted discharge of his duty.

C. In the event the dog/cat being pursued is not immediately apprehended or captured and escapes the officer in fresh pursuit, such officer may continue his search until dog/cat is captured and taken into custody, without a search warrant, providing the officer has reason to believe such dog/cat is on the premises where last seen. If the search is abandoned however, such officer will be required to secure a search warrant before further search on return to take up the trail of such dog/cat. [Ord. 12-1-97D § 1; Code 1988 § 74.17.]