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A. All dogs/cats impounded shall be given proper care, food and medicine until disposed of or released as hereinafter provided.

B. The Animal Control Officer or his/her assistants shall make a record in a book kept for such purposes of the breed, color, size, sex of the dog/cat and whether such dog is licensed or not, and if licensed and wearing a tag, the number of such tag and, if shown or known, the name and address of the owner/keeper of the dog/cat, and any other facts serving to identify such dog/cat. Such record shall be open to public inspection. Licensed and unlicensed dogs, if so ascertained, shall be kept separate. The Animal Control Officer shall maintain a record thereof and shall forthwith mail a written notice to any known owner or keeper of such dog/cat. [Ord. 12-1-97D § 1; Code 1988 § 74.05.]