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A. It is unlawful for any person or entity to keep, maintain, trade in or have in his/her or its possession or control any hybrid within the boundaries of Jasper County in the State of Indiana. Upon the written complaint of any person or the reasonable belief by any law enforcement officer, including an Animal Control Officer, that any person or entity is in violation of this subsection, the Jasper County Animal Control Agency shall deliver written notice to such person or entity to safely remove the animal from Jasper County within 72 hours after the delivery of the notice.

B. In the event that a hybrid has caused physical injury to any person or domestic animal, the hybrid shall be euthanized humanely. Notice as provided in subsection (A) of this section is not required where the hybrid has previously caused physical injury to any person or has escaped and is at large, in which case the hybrid shall be seized immediately and impounded, or, if in the course of seizing and impounding the animal, the Animal Control Officer deems it necessary that the hybrid be destroyed, the hybrid may in fact be destroyed. [Ord. 9-8-09A § 3; Code 1988 § 74.01(A).]