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Pursuant to IC 5-14-3-8(j) the County may charge a fee, uniform to all purchasers, for providing electronic map data that is based upon a reasonable percentage of the County’s direct cost of maintaining, upgrading, and enhancing the electronic map and for the direct cost of supplying the electronic map in the form requested by the purchaser.

In the case where disclosable and nondisclosable electronic map data are combined, IC 5-14-3-6 provides that the County may charge a reasonable fee for the County’s direct cost of computer programming to separate disclosable from nondisclosable electronic map data.

It is established by the Board of Commissioners and the Jasper County Council that the initial fee schedule for the transmission of electronic map data is as set forth in the fee schedule attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter, incorporated by reference.

If the County contracts with a third party contractor to handle the transmission of County electronic map data, the third party contractor shall receive two-thirds, and the County one-third, of the fees charged the person for electronic map data. This fee schedule shall be reviewed on an annual basis and may be changed on an annual basis to reflect the change in the cost in providing the electronic map data. [Ord. 4-7-08A § 2.]