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The Jasper County Board of Health shall charge the following fees for the following services:

A. For registration of a home birth, $50.00.

B. For issuance of a birth certificate, $20.00.

C. For issuance of a death certificate, $20.00.

D. For processing a paternity affidavit, whether or not marriage is involved, $20.00.

E. For processing an amendment to a birth record, $15.00.

F. Tuberculosis test fee prior to TB shot, $25.00.

G. For STD testing, $30.00 per visit.

H. For issuance of STD meds, $10.00 per visit.

I. Septic Permits.

1. For issuance of a conventional septic permit, $250.00.

2. For issuance of a mound septic permit, $450.00.

J. For issuance of a well permit, $150.00.

K. Septic installer certification exam fee, first exam: $0.00; each successive exam: $15.00 – limit of three exams per calendar year.

L. For issuance of a septic installer’s certification, $250.00.

M. For issuance of an annual retail food permit, $200.00.

N. For issuance of a seasonal food permit, $80.00.

O. For issuance of a temporary food permit, $35.00.

P. Late fee for annual retail food permit application received from an existing food establishment after January 1st, $100.00. Said late fee is in addition to the annual retail food permit application and must be paid prior to the issuance of the permit.

Q. If the Health Department conducts a scheduled review of a food establishment and does not approve the issuance of a permit to the establishment, a rescheduling fee in the amount of $35.00 per additional visit shall be assessed and paid as a condition of the issuance of a permit.

R. For issuance of a body art establishment annual permit, $200.00.

S. Body art practitioner annual permit, $100.00.

T. Body art apprentice annual permit, $10.00.

U. Temporary body art practitioner fee, $25.00 per stay.

All fees shall be paid to the Health Department in person or by mail. Health Department officials are not authorized to collect fees during field visits. [Ord. 08-14-23 § 1; Ord. 08-01-22A § 1; Ord. 2-4-19C § 1; Ord. 12-27-17B § 11; Ord. 9-5-17A § 11; Ord. 4-3-06 § 1; Ord. 11-6-00C § 1; Ord. 9-6-00C § 1; Ord. 8-5-91B § 3; Code 1988 § 71.05.]