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A. There is created a Law Enforcement Fund. The fund shall consist of deposits in the form of voluntary surrender fees, reimbursement for restitution, seizure of assets, and other law enforcement related fees recovered by the office of the Jasper County Prosecutor which are not required to be deposited in the County General Fund.

B. The law enforcement fund shall be appropriated for funding activities recovered by IC 34-4-30.1 and 34-4-30.5 and liquidation of personal or real property obtained from criminal defendants.

C. Moneys from this fund shall be subject to appropriation in accordance with IC 36-2-5-2.

D. All money collected under this section shall be transferred to the County Treasurer who shall deposit the funds and disburse as the Prosecuting Attorney directs. Any money remaining in the fund at the end of the year does not revert to any other fund but continues in the Law Enforcement Fund. [Ord. 11-19-91A.]