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A. Established. The Board of Commissioners does determine that a need exists for the creation of an Animal Shelter Donation Fund whereby all charitable donations received for the support of the animal shelter in their efforts to care for impounded dogs/cats shall be deposited in the fund.

B. Use of Revenues. The funds received and deposited in the Animal Shelter Donation Fund can be used as approved by the Jasper County Animal Control Board, the Board of Commissioners and as appropriated by the Jasper County Council.

C. Termination of Fund. The Animal Shelter Donation Fund shall remain in existence and remain perpetual in its terms until amended or terminated by subsequent ordinance enacted by the Board of Commissioners; and, if when a subsequent ordinance is passed to terminate the life of the Animal Shelter Donation Fund, the fund balance existing, if any at that time, and if not otherwise provided for by ordinance, shall be transferred to the Jasper County general fund. [Ord. 4-5-99 §§ 1–3.]