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A. The use of credit cards by the Jasper County government is authorized in accordance with this section and with written procedures that may be established by the Board of Commissioners.

B. Credit card cash advances and automatic credit card bill payments are prohibited.

C. The issuance and use of credit cards shall be the responsibility of the Jasper County Auditor or a Deputy Auditor designated by the Auditor, or a department head specially authorized by the Board of Commissioners.

D. Credit card purchases for personal expenses are prohibited.

E. Credit cards are authorized for the following purposes:

1. The Office of the Auditor may make credit card purchases for hotel reservations and training seminar registration fees by officers and employees as follows:

a. Credit cards shall not be used unless the officer or employee has received approval from the Board of Commissioners of the officer’s or employee’s travel.

b. Credit card purchases by the Auditor and Deputy Auditors are authorized; provided, that segregation of duties is maintained. Credit card expenditures by a Deputy Auditor shall be processed personally by the Auditor. Credit card expenditures by the Auditor shall be made in the presence of another department head whose presence shall be documented.

c. For credit card payments by officers or employees in other County departments, Auditor personnel may provide telephone credit card payment information at the time of the credit card purchase. County officers and employees shall only use credit card payment information at the time of making purchases and are prohibited from recording or retaining credit card information received from the Office of the Auditor.

2. Credit cards in the possession of the department heads excluding the Auditor may be used for repairs and purchases of supplies and equipment by the department.

F. Each department head in possession of a credit card shall store credit cards securely except when credit cards are in use.

G. Credit card purchases made in accordance with this section shall be subject to the pre-approved or pre-payment procedures pursuant to JCC 3.60.010.

1. Payment of claims cannot be made on the basis of a statement or a credit card slip only. Procedures for payments must be no different than for any other claim. Supporting documents such as paid bills and receipts must be available.

2. County officers and employees making purchases with credit cards shall immediately submit to the Office of the Auditor all relevant supporting documentation, including but not limited to invoices, payment receipts, and credit card receipts, and comply with any other requirements of the established claims procedures. Any interest or penalty incurred due to late filing or furnishing of documentation by an officer or employee may be the personal obligation of the responsible officer or employee.

H. Every department head in possession of a credit card shall maintain an accounting system or log which would include the names of individuals requesting usage of the cards, their position, estimated amounts to be charged, fund and account numbers to be charged, date the card is issued and the date the card is returned.

I. Every officer and employee in possession of a credit card shall immediately report any lost or stolen card. [Ord. 12-2-19A § 1.]