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A. Purchase of Services. The Board of Commissioners determines that the purchasing agent may utilize either the request for proposal process under IC 5-22-9, or interview various service providers. The purchasing agent will recommend to the purchasing agency which service provider to select on the basis of competence and qualifications for the type of service to be performed and the purchasing agency may negotiate compensation that the County determines to be reasonable.

B. Special Purchasing Methods. The Board of Commissioners determines that the purchasing agent, notwithstanding any other provision of IC 5-22, may make a purchase of supplies or services without soliciting bids or proposals if the purchasing agent uses the special purchasing methods set forth at IC 5-22-10 et seq. A special purchase must be made with such competition as is practical under the circumstances. A purchasing agent may make a special purchase under any of the conditions set forth at IC 5-22-10-4 through 5-22-10-19 . The requirements as otherwise set forth at IC 5-22-10 are binding on the purchasing agent, purchasing agency, and governmental body exercising special purchasing methods.

C. Contract Approval. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter or any other provisions of the Act (IC 5-22), all contracts and purchases must be approved by the Jasper County Board of Commissioners unless such contract falls under IC 5-22-8-2 regarding small purchases. All purchases are subject to final approval by the Jasper County Board of Commissioners through the claims approval process. [Ord. 6-7-99A §§ 1–3; Ord. 10-5-98C.]