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This perimeter landscaping standards (PL) section applies to the following types of development:

A. Applicability. The following standards only apply to subdivisions with all resulting lots less than one (1) acre in lot area. This section also only applies to portions of a development that abuts an interstate highway, arterial street, or collector street.

B. General.

1. Plan. A landscape plan showing perimeter landscaping shall be presented to the Plan Commission for approval as part of the project submittal. The landscape plan shall be prepared by a landscape architect or landscape contractor.

2. Ownership. Perimeter landscaping areas shall retain private ownership whether that be a single land owner or a homeowners association.

C. Exemption. Any subdivision required to install perimeter landscaping shall be partially exempt from any required buffer yard standard in JCC 20.50.520 LA-06 – Buffer yard landscaping standards. Specifically, any lot required to install a buffer yard shall only be required to install one-half (½) the required buffer.

D. Standards.

1. Minimum Depth. Twenty-five (25) feet.

2. Minimum Length. The perimeter landscape area shall extend the entire length of the frontage.

3. Plant Materials. Trees shall be provided at a combined rate of ten (10) per 100 lineal feet of perimeter planting. The required trees shall be a minimum of sixty percent (60%) canopy trees and minimum of twenty-five percent (25%) ornamental or under-story trees. The trees shall be planted in a natural manner, in clusters or irregular, nonlinear patterns.

4. Fencing or Mounding. Where used, fencing or mounding as described as follows may be integrated with the required trees and shrubs.

a. Perimeter Fences. A high quality perimeter fence similar to the development’s character may be combined with the required plant materials. Said fence shall be constructed of masonry, stone, wood, or metal; and be at least thirty-six (36) inches in height, but not over seventy-two (72) inches in height.

b. Mounds. Mounds may be combined with the required plant material and may include fencing. If used, mounds shall be a minimum of three (3) feet in height. Maximum side slope shall not exceed a three to one (3:1) ratio. Continuous mounds shall not be permitted (i.e., levee-like mounds).

c. Exemption. If a tree row or similar natural barrier exists, then perimeter landscaping shall not be required in those areas. However, if existing vegetation is utilized as perimeter landscaping, then a landscape easement to protect the vegetation in perpetuity shall be shown on plat and recorded. [Ord. 12-27-11 § 7.17.]