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This erosion control standards (EC) section applies to the following types of development:

A. General. No changes shall be made in the contour of the land, nor shall grading or excavating begin until an erosion and sedimentation control plan has been reviewed and approved by the Zoning Administrator. Any development over one (1) acre of land shall be required to submit an erosion and sediment control plan, obtain a Rule 5 Permit from the local Soil and Water Conservation Office, and shall be reviewed by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. A copy of the submittal for approval shall be held in the office of the Zoning Administrator.

B. Off-Site Sedimentation. Whenever sedimentation is caused by stripping of vegetation, regrading, or other development activities, it shall be the responsibility of the petitioner to remove it from all adjoining surfaces, drainage systems, and watercourses, and to repair any damage at the petitioner’s expense.

C. Off-Site Fill. Off-site fill material shall be free of environmentally hazardous materials. The petitioner shall ensure to the County’s satisfaction that fill material hauled from an off-site location is free of environmental contaminants. The source of fill material shall be identified prior to application for an improvement location permit. If directed by the County, the petitioner shall have testing performed on representative samples of the fill material to determine if environmentally hazardous materials are present in the fill.

D. Other Fill.

1. Organic Material. Detrimental amounts of organic material shall not be permitted in fills.

2. Irreducible Material. No rock or similar irreducible material with a maximum dimension greater than twelve (12) inches shall be buried or placed in fills unless included and approved as part of an improvement location permit.

3. Compaction. All fills shall be compacted per Jasper County’s construction and engineering standards.

E. Health, Safety and Welfare. If the County determines that any existing excavation or embankment or fill has become a hazard to life or limb, or endangers property, or adversely affects the safety, use or stability of a public way or drainage channel, the owner of the property upon which the excavation or fill is located, or other person or agent in control of said property, upon receipt of notice in writing from the County, shall within the period specified therein repair or eliminate such excavation or embankment to eliminate the hazard.

F. Disturbance of Protected Areas. If any “no disturb” areas are driven over, altered, disturbed, or damaged in any way, the petitioner or property owner shall be subject to Chapter 20.100 JCC, Enforcement.

1. Project Applicability. While the following standards apply to all development projects, those that involve the disturbance of one (1) acre or more of land shall be required to submit an erosion and sediment control plan and obtain a Rule 5 permit from the local soil and water conservation office. [Ord. 12-27-11 § 7.10.]