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This entryway feature standards (EF) section applies to the following types of development:

A. General. Where entryway features are established, they shall be attractive, eye-catching, and constructed of durable materials. Entryway features shall be designed, installed, and maintained to be safe and healthful environments. Entryway features shall not be located within the right-of-way.

B. Cross Reference. Signs associated with entryway features are subject to additional standards pursuant to JCC 20.50.720 through 20.50.810 , sign standards.

C. Site Plan. A site plan shall be submitted for consideration and approval for entryway features in all subdivisions, multiple-family developments and planned developments. This includes all signs that will be utilized on the site, including but not limited to project identification, project directory, individual occupancy (identification or advertisement).

D. Project Identification. The number and size of signs shall depend on the number of entrances and scale of the street from which the entrance is located.

1. Main Entryway Feature.

a. One (1) large entryway feature is permitted per development.

b. If the development has more than 100 dwelling units or the parent tract is greater than eighty (80) acres, and the development has primary entrances off of two (2) different arterial or collector streets, it shall be permitted to have two (2) large entryway features.

c. No single identification sign incorporated into a large entryway feature shall exceed forty (40) square feet.

2. Secondary Entryway Feature.

a. One (1) small entryway feature is permitted for every secondary entrance.

b. This entryway feature shall be significantly smaller in scale than the large entryway feature.

c. No single identification sign incorporated into a small entryway feature shall exceed twenty (20) square feet.

E. Landscaping. Landscaping shall enhance the entryway feature. [Ord. 12-27-11 § 7.09.]