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This development name standards (DN) section applies to the following types of development:

A. Proposed Development Name. The petitioner shall propose a unique name for the development to the Plan Commission.

B. Approval Authority. While development names proposed by petitioners shall be considered, the approval of development names is hereby delegated to the Plan Commission. Existing development names and development names that have been approved by the Plan Commission shall not be changed without the approval of the Plan Commission.

C. Authority to Rename a Proposed Development. The Plan Commission shall have authority to require a new unique name for the development if the name proposed by the petitioner is found to be too similar to that of another development. If an acceptable and unique development name is not proposed by the petitioner, the Plan Commission shall rename the development prior to final approval.

D. Development Name Criteria. Within the jurisdiction of the Plan Commission, the following standards shall apply:

1. Root Name. The proposed root name of the development shall not duplicate, or closely approximate phonetically, the name of any other development.

2. Suffix Name. Deviations in suffix names (e.g., Place, Woods, Glen, or Creek) shall not constitute a unique name and shall be prohibited except as described as follows (for example, if Sutton Woods exists as a development name, the name Sutton Creek shall not be permitted).

3. Large Developments. Unique subareas within a large development or separate developments within close geographic proximity shall be authorized to use the same root name if deemed not to be confusing or unsafe by the Plan Commission. [Ord. 12-27-11 § 7.07.]