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20.50.560 MH-01 – Manufactured home park standards.
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This manufactured home park standards (MH) section applies to the following district:

The following standards shall apply:

A. Intent. This section is designed to promote quality and safe manufactured home park developments.

B. Permits. An improvement location permit shall be required for each dwelling unit prior to installation on a dwelling site, and for all other primary or accessory structures on the lot or dwelling sites.

C. Placement.

1. Dwelling Sites.

a. Each dwelling site shall have a separate concrete pad, concrete foundation, or cinder block foundation for mobile home dwellings; or concrete or cinder block foundation for modular homes.

b. Each dwelling site shall have separate utilities.

c. Each dwelling site with three (3) or more dwelling sites shall have direct access onto a paved internal street.

d. No more than one (1) dwelling unit shall be placed on a dwelling site.

2. Dwelling Units Placed on a Dwelling Site.

a. Each dwelling unit shall be tied down, and shall have a permanent perimeter enclosure or permanent foundation.

b. Each dwelling unit shall be considered a separate residence for all purposes such as taxing, assessing of improvements, garbage pickup, and public utilities.

c. Dwelling units shall not be covered with a secondary roof.

D. Storm Shelter and Warning Signal. Any development with forty (40) or more dwelling sites shall install a storm shelter within 500 feet proximity to each dwelling site. [Ord. 12-27-11 § 5.56.]