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20.50.540 LD-01 – Loading standards.
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This loading standards (LD) section applies to the following zoning districts:
I1 I2 HI

The following standards shall apply:

A. Design.

1. Location.

a. For new construction, loading berths shall not be located on the front of the building. Loading berths shall not face an interstate unless obscured with masonry walls or landscaping.

b. When retrofitting an existing building, the installation of new loading berths shall only be permitted on the least conspicuous facade or on the same facade loading berths already exist.

c. Loading berths shall have adequate area for trucks to maneuver in and out of the facility. Trucks shall not block public right-of-way or private streets, aisles, or other internal circulation when maneuvering into or docked at loading berths.

2. Surface. Loading berths shall be paved with asphalt or concrete.

B. Screening. Loading berths shall be screened by solid masonry walls and/or landscape buffers if not located in an inconspicuous location.

C. Drainage. Loading berths shall be constructed to allow proper drainage. [Ord. 12-27-11 § 5.54.]