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This home business standards (HB) section applies to the following zoning districts:
A1 A2 A3

The following standards shall apply:

A. Applicability. The standards in this section shall not apply to agriculture, as agriculture is regulated as a primary use in this document.

B. Permits. All type 3 home businesses shall obtain an improvement location permit.

C. Permissible Home Businesses.

1. Permitted. The type 3 home business shall be limited to woodworking, small engine repair, lawn service, assembly of products, automobile repair, welding, contracting business, landscaping business, or a similar use as determined by the Zoning Administrator. Use of the property or home for permitted agricultural land uses shall not be considered a type 3 home business.

2. Prohibited. The type 3 home business shall not include any kind of direct retail sales.

3. Discretion. Businesses not specifically listed above shall be interpreted by the Zoning Administrator as to whether the business is permitted as a home business or not.

D. Personnel.

1. Residency. The operator of the type 3 home business shall reside in the house.

2. Employees. Up to four (4) employees may be employed by and work on site.

E. Operations.

1. Nuisance. The type 3 home business shall not generate offensive noise, vibration, smoke, odors, dust, heat, glare, or electrical disturbances.

2. Hours. The hours of operation of the type 3 home business shall not interfere with the use and enjoyment of the rural area in which it is located.

F. Design.

1. Primary Structure.

a. The office component of the type 3 home business may be operated in the primary structure (the home).

b. The type 3 home business shall not exceed five percent (5%) of the square footage of the primary structure.

c. There shall be no evidence of the type 3 home business from alterations to the exterior of the residence. However, the character of the property may show minimum evidence of its business use, including exterior storage of materials, vehicles or equipment used in the type 3 home business.

2. Accessory Structure.

a. The type 3 home business shall be primarily conducted within an accessory structure, not exceeding 4,000 square feet in total area, and may consume 100 percent of the square footage of the accessory structure.

3. Parking and Loading.

a. All off-street parking or loading facilities shall meet the requirements of the applicable zoning district.

b. No part of a minimum required yard shall be used for off-street parking or loading purposes.

c. There shall be no more than eight (8) operable vehicles parked on the site at any time, including the vehicles used by residents of the home.

4. Outdoor Storage.

a. No commercial vehicles shall be parked or stored outside between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. unless parked or stored behind the accessory structure use for the type 3 home business.

b. No outdoor storage of products, materials, supplies, waste, scrap, or the like shall be permitted unless fully within an opaque fence enclosure with gate tall enough to screen the outdoor storage. Fences used for screening shall not exceed eight (8) feet in height. The fenced enclosure shall not exceed 1,000 square feet in area and shall meet all setback requirements for an accessory structure. A fenced enclosure for outdoor storage shall not be located forward of the accessory structure used for the type 3 home business.

5. Signs. One (1) wall sign is permitted on the accessory structure and it shall not exceed ten (10) square feet in sign area. The wall sign shall be fully located within ten (10) feet above ground level. Materials shall be aesthetically compatible and complementary to the accessory structure, specifically to make sure the sign is subtle and consistent with residential and neighborhood character. No special lighting shall be permitted to illuminate the sign. [Ord. 12-27-11 § 5.38.]