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This confined feeding standards (CF) section applies to the following districts:
A1 A3

The following standards shall apply:

A. Applicability. The development standards in this section apply to the following:

1. Existing Confined Feeding Operation. Any existing confined feeding operation.

2. New Confined Feeding Operation. Any new confined feeding operation as may be permitted in Chapter 20.20 JCC, Zoning Districts, for the subject zoning district as a permitted or special exception use.

3. Use Variance. Any new confined feeding level 1, level 2, or level 3 approved as a use variance in any zoning district.

4. Expansion of a Confined Feeding Operation. Any existing confined feeding operation that:

a. Expands an existing building or constructs an additional building to house animals; or

b. Increases its number of animals by twenty-five percent (25%), but less than fifty percent (50%), based on the number of animals approved on the IDEM permit or by Jasper County, whichever is less.

B. Manure Application Activities. Manure application activities shall be in accordance with 327 IAC 19-14-4. In addition, any manure to be applied shall be incorporated into the soil within forty-eight (48) hours. [Ord. 6-6-16B § 1; Ord. 12-27-11 § 5.18.]