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This architectural standards (AR) section applies to the following districts:

The following standards shall apply:

A. Facade.

1. Front Facade. The front facade shall face the public or private street to which the business gains primary access, except as described as follows:

a. Corner Lots. On corner lots, the front facade may face either street.

2. Other Facades. Any facade that faces a public or private street shall be finished to a standard similar to the architectural quality of the front facade, including: building materials, architectural detail, windows, or faux windows. Long facades (30 feet or greater) or large areas (420 square feet) of a facade without visual relief shall not be permitted.

B. Site Planning and Layout. Commercial buildings over 15,000 square feet in floor area shall incorporate architectural variation in facade height or have multiple roof planes. A simple gable, mansard, or hip roof shall not be sufficient. Also, any commercial building with a facade greater than 100 feet in length shall have at least two (2) notable shifts in the facade’s wall plane; each resulting wall plane shall be at least ten (10) feet in length.

C. Entries. A building greater than 15,000 square feet shall have clearly defined, highly visible customer entrances featuring no less than two (2) of the following:

1. Canopies or porticos;

2. Overhangs;

3. Arcades;

4. Raised corniced parapets over the door;

5. Peaked roof forms;

6. Arches;

7. Outdoor patios;

8. Architectural details such as tile work and moldings that are integrated into the building structure and design;

9. Two (2) or more notable, permanent or portable planters that incorporate landscaping or flowers;

10. Wing walls;

11. Columns; or

12. A notable wall sign mounted above or beside the entrance. [Ord. 12-27-11 § 5.14.]