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A. Description. A planned development (PD) district is a special district that can be pursued by an applicant in which a stand alone ordinance regulating the development is drafted and which binds the development to its unique language.

B. Creation. The procedure for the creation of a PD district shall be consistent with the process set forth in Chapter 20.90 JCC, Processes.

C. Maps. PD districts shall be identified as such on the official zoning map.

D. Regulations.

1. Development Standards and Design Standards. The requirements of Chapter 20.50 JCC, Development Standards, and Chapter 20.70 JCC, Design Standards, shall apply to planned developments unless alternate standards are deemed appropriate by the Plan Commission in order to accomplish the intent of the planned development. Any lessening of the required standards of the Unified Development Code shall be directly linked to the intent of the planned development to provide a mixed-use development, accommodate a creative and unique design not otherwise achievable using standard zoning districts and subdivision control regulations, or address unusual physical conditions.

2. Preliminary Plan. The preliminary plan shall indicate the proposed land uses, location of all proposed improvements, and a proposed ordinance that includes development standards, design standards, and other specifications which shall govern the planned development. If the preliminary plan is silent or does not address a particular land use, development standard, design standard, or other specification, the standard of the base zoning district or other applicable regulations shall apply.

3. Open Space. Open space shall either be:

a. Conveyed to a municipal or public corporation if it is willing to accept it; or

b. Conveyed to a not-for-profit corporation or entity established for the purpose of benefiting the owners and tenants of the planned development. [Ord. 12-27-11 § 4.02.]