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A. District Intent. The I2 (high intensity industrial) district is intended to be used as follows:

Use, Type, and Intensity.

Moderate to high intensity industrial uses

Industrial parks, manufacturing facilities, and utility usage

Enclosed industrial uses

Stand alone buildings or multiple primary structures

Application of District.

Existing and new development

Small to medium geographic areas on the zoning map

Development Standards.

Require development standards that minimize the impacts on surrounding, less intense areas

Allow outdoor storage areas

Exclude general business uses

Minimize light, noise, water, and air pollution

Appropriate Adjacent Districts.

CO, PR, A2, A3, A4, IS, CP, I1, I2, and HI

Plan Commission.

Use this zoning district for existing developments and for new industrial development when not detrimental to the County and surrounding properties

Board of Zoning Appeals.

Allow a special exception use only when it is compatible with the surrounding areas

Be sensitive to the potential for light pollution, noise pollution, loading berth placement, pedestrian safety, and vehicular safety

B. Permitted Uses.

Accessory Permitted Uses.

Wind turbine system, large

Wind turbine system, small

Agricultural Permitted Uses.

Agricultural crop production

Commercial Permitted Uses.

Commercial solar energy systems

Industrial Permitted Uses.

Asphalt plant


Bio-diesel production


Broadcast facility

Concrete plant

Distribution facility

Food processing

Freight terminal

Heavy equipment repair

Liquid fertilizer distribution

Manufacturing, light

Materials recycling (type 2)

Outdoor storage

Printer, industrial

Research center, general

Sewage treatment facility, private

Sign fabrication

Storage tanks (nonhazardous)

Testing lab, electronic

Testing lab, materials

Tool and die shop

Transfer station


Water treatment facility, private

Welding service

Wholesale produce terminal

Wireless facility

Institutional Permitted Uses.

Recycling collection point

C. Special Exception Uses.

Commercial Special Exception Uses.

Outdoor advertising

Industrial Special Exception Uses.

Chemical manufacturing

Manufacturing, heavy

Recycling processing [Ord. 3-4-19A; Ord. 12-27-11 § 2.37.]