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A. District Intent. The IS (institutional) district is intended to be used as follows:

Use, Type, and Intensity.

Varying intensity institutionally owned lands, including State and County facilities

Application of District.

Existing and new development

Buffer district or transitional district

Small geographic areas on the zoning map

Single lot or a small cluster of lots on the zoning map

Development Standards.

Require quality development standards that optimize accessibility and use while minimizing the impacts to surrounding areas

Appropriate Adjacent Districts.

CO, PR, A1, A2, A4, R1, R2, VR, M1, M2, MP, IS, LB, GC, HC, CP, I1, and I2

Plan Commission.

Use this zoning district for existing and new institutional development

Site should be appropriate for any of the possible uses allowed in the zoning district

Board of Zoning Appeals.

Allow a special exception use only when it is compatible with the surrounding areas

B. Permitted Uses.

Accessory Permitted Uses.

Wind turbine system, large

Wind turbine system, small

Industrial Permitted Uses.

Wireless facility

Institutional Permitted Uses.

Airport, public

Cemetery or mausoleum

Child care institution

Community center


Fire, police, or rescue station

Government office

Government operations facility

Heliport, public

Hospice facility




Parking lot, public

Place of worship

Post office

Rehabilitation clinic, medical

School (P–12), private

School (P–12), public

Sewage treatment facility, public

Sports stadium

University or college

Water tower

Water treatment facility, public

Wellhead, public

Residential Permitted Uses.

Nursing home

C. Special Exception Uses.

Institutional Special Exception Uses.


Juvenile detention facility

Recycling collection point

Transit station

Residential Special Exception Uses.

Fair housing facility (large) [Ord. 12-27-11 § 2.25.]