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A. District Intent. The R1 (single-family residential) district is intended to be used as follows:

Use, Type, and Intensity.

Low density single-family detached dwellings on large sized lots

Application of District.

Existing and new development

Near city and town jurisdictions

Small geographic areas on the zoning map

Development Standards.

Promote low-impact development in harmony with a natural setting

Appropriate Adjacent Districts.

CO, PR, A2, R1, R2, VR, M1, M2, and IS

Plan Commission.

Use this zoning district for existing developments and for new residential development when not detrimental to the County and surrounding properties

Board of Zoning Appeals.

Allow a special exception use only when it is compatible with the surrounding residential areas

B. Permitted Uses.

Accessory Permitted Uses.

Home business (type 1)

Wind turbine system, small

Residential Permitted Uses.

Dwelling, single-family detached

Fair housing facility (small)

C. Special Exception Uses.

Accessory Special Exception Uses.

Home business (type 2) [Ord. 12-27-11 § 2.13.]