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A. District Intent. The A3 (intense agriculture) district is intended to be used as follows:

Use, Type, and Intensity.

High intensity agricultural operations that may have a high impact on nearby properties

Primarily established for State and Federally regulated confined feeding operations

Application of District.

Single lot or a small cluster of lots on the zoning map

Development Standards.

Enact strict development standards to maximize protection of common agricultural practices

Appropriate Adjacent Districts.

CO, PR, A1, A2, A3, A4, I1, I2, and HI

Plan Commission.

Use this zoning district for existing agricultural land

Protect the land and operations within the intense agriculture district from residential, commercial, and industrial encroachment through the use of appropriate buffers and setbacks

Board of Zoning Appeals.

Protect the integrity of land and operations within the intense agriculture district

Be sensitive to the potential for water pollution and other negative impacts to nearby agricultural, residential, and commercial land

B. Permitted Uses.

Accessory Permitted Uses.

Agricultural tourism

Wind turbine system, large

Wind turbine system, small

Agricultural Permitted Uses.

Agricultural crop production

Agricultural products, processing

Agricultural products, storage

Confined feeding (level 1)

Confined feeding (level 2)


Plant nursery, wholesale

Raising of farm animals

Tree farm, wholesale

Residential Permitted Uses.


C. Special Exception Uses.

Accessory Special Exception Uses.

Land application operation

Agricultural Special Exception Uses.

Confined feeding (level 3)

Commercial Special Exception Uses.

Commercial solar energy systems

Residential Special Exception Uses.

Dwelling, single-family detached [Ord. 3-4-19A; Ord. 9-4-12A § 1; Ord. 12-27-11 § 2.09.]