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A. District Intent. The PR (parks and recreation) district is intended to be used as follows:

Use Type and Intensity.

All intensities of active recreation areas including parks, picnic areas, trails, playgrounds, golf courses, and sports fields

Public and privately owned areas

Application of District.

Existing and new facilities

Single lot or a small cluster of lots on the zoning map

Generally distributed around the County’s jurisdiction

Can be used as a buffer or transitional district

Development Standards.

Promote high quality parks and recreation for public health, enjoyment, and recreation

Appropriate Adjacent Districts.

CO, PR, A1, A2, A3, A4, R1, R2, VR, M1, M2, MP, IS, LB, GC, HC, CP, I1, I2, and HI

B. Permitted Uses.

Accessory Permitted Uses.

Farmers market

Wind turbine system, large

Wind turbine system, small

Commercial Permitted Uses.

Country club

Golf course

Sports field (outdoor)

Institutional Permitted Uses.

Nature center

Park, public

C. Special Exception Uses.

Commercial Special Exception Uses.

Campground (serviced)

Driving range

Paintball facility

Recreation center (indoor)

Recreation center (outdoor)

Recreation vehicle park

Skate park, commercial

Sports field (indoor)

Water park

Industrial Special Exception Uses.

Wireless facility

Residential Special Exception Uses.

Caretaker’s residence [Ord. 12-27-11 § 2.03.]