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A. Application Forms. Applications and petitions shall be prepared on the forms provided by the Director of Planning and Development, and accompanied by the filing fees herein specified, to be paid to the Building Inspector who shall forthwith pay over to the Auditor of Jasper County to the credit of the General Fund of Jasper County.

B. Improvement Location Permit Fee. For each application for an improvement location permit or a temporary improvement location permit, the sum of $15.00 shall be paid.

C. Certificate of Occupancy Fee. For each application for a certificate of occupancy or temporary certificate of occupancy, the sum of $10.00 shall be paid.

D. Fees for Amendments, Appeals and Requests. Applications for petitions to amend this code, appeals from the decision of the Building Commission, requests for variances, special exceptions, temporary uses, exceptions and other matters upon which the Board is required to act shall be accompanied by the following fees for each application:

1. Variance: $200.00.

2. Amendments – change of zone classification or change of text: $200.00.

3. Change in development plan (which previously had been approved): $100.00.

4. Unit Development Plan.

a. Preliminary Unit Development Plan.

i. Less than twenty (20) acres: $300.00.

ii. Twenty (20) to one hundred (100) acres: $300.00 plus $2.00 for each acre over nineteen (19) acres.

iii. Over one hundred (100) acres: $5.00 for each acre.

iv. Maximum fee: $1,500.

b. Detailed Unit Development Plan.

i. Any number of acres: $100.00 plus $1.00 for each acre.

ii. Maximum fee: $400.00.

5. Special Exceptions.

a. Land application special exceptions: $2,500.

b. All other special exceptions: $300.00.

6. Exceptions and temporary uses: $200.00.

E. Fee Must Be Paid. Until all applicable fees have been paid in full, including any fees or deposits for building permits, no application shall be processed by the Director of Planning and Development.

F. Fees Not Returnable. No part of any filing fee paid pursuant to this section shall be returnable to the applicant or petitioner.

G. Publication Costs. In addition to the fees set forth herein, the applicant, petitioner or appellant shall meet the cost of publication notices and due notices to interested parties, when required.

H. Coincidental Applications. An improvement location permit shall be applied for coincidentally with the application for a building permit whenever a building permit is necessitated by the proposed improvements. In such cases, the improvement location permit fee is charged in addition to the building permit fees (and deposit) set forth in JCC 15.05.080.

I. Subdivision Plat Application Fee. The application for a plat of a subdivision shall be accompanied by a certified check or money order made payable to Jasper County, Indiana, in the amount of $300.00, per $50.00 per lot as shown on the plat of the subdivision, to cover administrative costs, including the cost of checking and verifying the plat, and the Director of Planning and Development shall surrender the check or money order to the Auditor of Jasper County, for deposit in the General Fund of the County. No part of this filing fee shall be returnable to the applicant, unless specifically authorized by the County Commissioners.

J. Wind Energy Conversion System Fees.

1. Commercial WECS, noncommercial WECS, micro-WECS, and meteorological towers: as prescribed in the County’s Official Schedule of Fees.

WEC Permits

Commercial WECS

$20,000 special exception application fee per wind farm

$1,750 per megawatt per tower

Noncommercial WECS

$300.00 per turbine


$175.00 per turbine

2. Aggregated project: Applications will be assessed fees for each construction phase within a single project, as prescribed by the County’s Official Fee Schedule.

K. Solar Energy System Fees.

1. CSES Permits.

a. Special exception application shall be accompanied by a fee of $500.00.

b. Fees applicable to site plan submittal will also be required, as well as any and all other permits as required by Jasper County.

c. An ILP application for a CSES permit shall be accompanied by a fee of:

i. Zero (0) – ten (10) kilowatts: $150.00.

ii. Eleven (11) – fifty (50) kilowatts: $300.00.

iii. Fifty-one (51) – one hundred (100) kilowatts: $600.00.

iv. One hundred one (101) – five hundred (500) kilowatts: $1,200.

v. Five hundred one (501) – one thousand (1,000) kilowatts: $2,750.

vi. One thousand one (1,001) – two thousand (2,000) kilowatts: $6,000.

vii. Over two thousand (2,000) kilowatts: $6,000 + $200.00 for each additional one thousand (1,000) kilowatts.

2. PRSES Permits. Application shall be accompanied by an accessory use fee of $150.00. [Ord. 4-6-20C § 1; Ord. 3-4-19A § 2; Ord. 9-8-09B § 1; Ord. 5-2-05A § 1; Ord. 6-6-94D; Ord. 1-4-88B § 5.]