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A. Standard Inspections. Inspections of property or structures may be conducted by the enforcement official from the property where the violation or alleged violation is located with permission from the violator at the time of the inspection; from a public right-of-way, or from an adjacent property with permission from its property owner. If requested, the enforcement official shall present identification and describe the purpose of the inspection.

B. Denial of Access to Property. In the event the enforcement official is denied entry to a property or structure where there is a violation or alleged violation, the enforcement official may apply to a court of jurisdiction to secure a search warrant authorizing inspection of the property or structure.

C. Surrender of Right to Deny Access. A property owner surrenders his right to deny an enforcement official access to his property or structure upon filing for any approval. The surrender to deny access shall commence upon filing and shall cease upon being issued a certificate of occupancy or other documentation of completion and compliance. [Ord. 12-27-11 § 10.04.]