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Upon inquiry by an applicant, an administrative interpretation shall be made by the Zoning Administrator to determine if a proposed use not specifically listed is allowed utilizing the criteria in the following sections. Should interpretation be made that a proposed, unlisted use not be allowed in a specific zoning district, the Zoning Administrator shall indicate with which zone, if any, the use is consistent. If the Zoning Administrator’s interpretation indicates that an unlisted use is not consistent with a permitted use or a special exception use in any district, an administrative appeal may be made pursuant to Chapter 20.90 JCC, Processes.

A. Criteria for Classifying Unlisted Land Uses. To determine whether an unlisted land use is permitted, the Zoning Administrator shall determine that the use is:

1. Intent. In keeping with the purpose and intent of the zoning district, and consistent with the Jasper County Comprehensive Plan policies;

2. Intensity. Similar in nature to, and no more intense than, a specifically listed permitted use or special exception use;

3. Other Characteristics. Similar to the physical characteristics, supporting structures, scale, traffic, hours of operation, and other features of specifically listed permitted or special exception uses; and

4. Accessory Use. If determined to be permissible as an accessory use, the accessory use shall be incidental, necessary, and commonly found with the permitted or special exception use and consistent with the definition of accessory use. [Ord. 3-7-16A § 1; Ord. 12-27-11 § 1.22.]