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This Unified Development Code is intended to guide the growth and development of Jasper County in accordance with the Jasper County Comprehensive Plan for the following purposes:

A. Basic Rights. To secure adequate light, air, convenience of access and safety from fire, flood, and other dangers which may include providing adequate open spaces for light, air and outdoor uses.

B. General Welfare. To promote the public health, safety, morals, comfort, convenience, and general welfare.

C. Development and Growth. To promote the orderly, responsible and beneficial development and growth of the areas within the planning jurisdiction in accordance with Jasper County land use policy.

D. Character. To protect the character and stability of agricultural, residential, institutional, commercial, industrial and natural areas.

E. Circulation. To minimize or avoid congestion on public streets and to ensure safe, convenient and efficient traffic circulation.

F. Environmental Integrity. To preserve and enhance the scenic beauty, aesthetics and environmental integrity of the planning jurisdiction.

G. Compatibility. To bring about compatibility between different land uses and to protect the scale and character of existing development from the encroachment of incompatible uses.

H. Intensity. To regulate and restrict the use of buildings, structures and land for business, industry, residence and other uses.

I. Compliance. To require ongoing compliance with the regulations and punitive recourse for noncompliance regarding the provisions of this Unified Development Code. [Ord. 12-27-11 § 1.05.]