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The Commission may:

A. Accept and use gifts, grants, and contributions from any public or private source, under terms and conditions that the Commission considers necessary and desirable;

B. Sue and be sued;

C. Enter into contracts and agreements;

D. Make rules necessary for the conduct of its business and the accomplishment of its purposes;

E. Receive and approve, alter, or reject requests and proposals for funding by corporations qualified under subsection (F) of this section;

F. After its approval of a proposal, transfer money, quarterly or less frequently, from Jasper County’s convention, visitor, and tourism promotion fund, or from money transferred from that fund to the commission’s treasurer, to any Indiana not-for-profit corporation to promote and encourage conventions, visitors, or tourism in the County; and

G. Require financial or other reports from any corporation that receives funds. [Ord. 6-3-13A § 6.]