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The Board shall have the following powers and duties:

A. Prepare a comprehensive plan for providing legal representation to indigent defendants/respondents in the County in accordance with IC 33-9-15-5. The comprehensive plan shall, at a minimum, provide for:

1. Legal representation to an indigent defendant/respondent at the earliest possible point in time;

2. Legal representation to an indigent defendant/respondent by the same attorney or attorneys through the pendency of the matter to the greatest extent possible;

3. Professional development, continuing legal education, and malpractice coverage for public defenders.

B. Establish policies and procedure for the provision of competent legal representation for indigent defendants/respondents in criminal, juvenile, probation violation, extradition, child support and criminal contempt, and other matters pursuant to the comprehensive plan.

C. Establish guidelines and procedures for the determination of indigency and for the appropriate reimbursement for legal representation provided at public expense in accordance with IC 33-9-11.5.

D. Recommend an annual operating budget for the Agency and monitor the expenditures of funds.

E. Prepare and submit to the County Council and the general public an annual report on the operation of the Agency. [Ord. 12-7-98C § 4.]