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The Board of Commissioners vests the Jasper County Advisory Plan Commission with the responsibility, authority, and means to:

A. Assist the Federal Emergency Management Agency in its delineation of the limits of the area having special flood or flood-related erosion hazards.

B. Provide such information as the Federal Emergency Management Agency may request concerning the present uses and occupancy of the floodplain or flood-related erosion areas.

C. Cooperate with Federal, State and local agencies and provide firms which undertake to study, survey, map, and identify flood-related erosion areas, and cooperate with neighboring governmental units with respect to management of adjoining floodplain or flood-related erosion areas in order to prevent aggravation of existing hazards.

D. Submit on the anniversary date of Jasper County’s initial eligibility an annual report to the Federal Emergency Management Agency on the progress made during the past year within the community in the development and implementation of floodplain management measures.

E. Upon occurrence, notify the Federal Emergency Management Agency, in writing, whenever the jurisdictional boundaries of the Jasper County Plan Commission have been modified or no longer have authority to enforce floodplain management regulations for a particular area. In order that all flood hazard boundary maps or flood insurance rate maps accurately represent the jurisdictional boundaries, include within such notification a copy of a map of the area suitable for reproduction, clearly delineating the new jurisdictional limits for which the Jasper County Advisory Plan Commission has assumed or relinquished floodplain management regulatory authority. [Ord. 8-5-91B § 6; Res. 82-01; Code 1988 § 131.02.]