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A. There is hereby adopted the Jasper County Code which consists of the ordinances of the County that have ongoing effect and which have not expired according to their own terms. The general ordinances of the County as herein codified, revised, rearranged or compiled shall be adopted as and shall constitute the Jasper County Code, 2017, and shall be published in book form and be accessible on the internet.

B. This code may be cited as the Jasper County Code.

C. This code may be amended by reference to code section without the necessity of referring to the underlying ordinance.

D. New ordinances may be added to the code, and if an ordinance is enacted with a numbering system that is inconsistent with the code numbering system, the publisher and codifier of the code is authorized to assign an appropriate code number and to codify the ordinance accordingly.

E. The repeal of any code section does not revive the original text of the code section, but rather, repeal of an existing section repeals the underlying ordinance section and all of its amendments. [Ord. 12-4-17B.]